Rating of Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB for March 2, 2020

Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB

Turkish TV shows in IMDB

The trends of the global film database IMDB this week were quite predictable. Because of the upcoming release of the new season the series Hakan Muhafiz / is gradually increasing its position, while the other two Netflix original shows – Atiye / The Gift and are gradually losing them. It is noteworthy that The Gift turned out to be quite stable, having lost not so much, while the Rise of Empires: Ottoman’s rating drops considerably.

This week’s IMDB rating is as follows:

🦊 Television shows:
Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 326⬇ (-111)
The Protector – 575⬆ (+97)
The Gift – 748⬇ (-20)

🦊 All world movie production:
Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 681⬇ (-271)
The Protector – 1495⬆ (+419)
The Gift – 2199⬇ (-57)

We remind you that the rating in the database is calculated based on the preferences of 250 million regular users of IMDB and is a very serious indicator for producers.

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