The series The Protector: what can we expect in the 2nd season?

The gala premiere of the second season of the series The Protector will take place on April 11 at 21:30 at the Cinemaximum Zorlu Center.  This season, Hakan will fight the Immortals, who were accidentally revived last season. On the one hand, Hakan is trying to lead the Faithful, on the other – to have a normal life with Leyla. However, a big surprise awaits him when his older brother Levent, whom he considered dead, appears in front of him. The Faithful Brotherhood falls apart, Leyla dies, Hakan is angry with himself for not being able to cope with the situation. He has only one consolation is Zeynep’s love. Now it’s time for Hakan to learn to deal with his anger. It’s time not to hide, but to fight.

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