What did Çağatay Ulusoy say about the new scandal with Şeyma Subaşı?

Çağatay Ulusoy and Şeyma Subaşı

Çağatay Ulusoy and

On Monday, November 26, the owner of the TV 8  channel millionaire Acun Ilıcalı divorced his wife, Şeyma Subaşı. At the same time, Turkish bloggers managed to implicate in this story Çağatay Ulusoy in a completely mysterious way confirming that Şeyma allegedly cheated her husband with him. Then the 22-year-old daughter of the singer Defne Samyeli Deren Talu was embroiled into the story – the bloggers accused Acun of cheating his wife.

A few hours later, new information appeared in the press. Paparazzi argued that about Çağatay Ulusoy they messed up a bit. As it turned out at the beginning of August, Şeyma met a millionaire Alican Ulusoy at the party, with whom she had a whirlwind romance. Actually because of the same surnames the paparazzi and confused two Ulusoys. Alican chose to refute this information, stating that he was familiar with Şeyma only by glad-handing events.

Alican Ulusoy and Şeyma Subaşı

Alican Ulusoy and

Former husband of Şeyma Acun personally denied all the gossip, saying that he and his wife simply did not manage to establish family life and they broke up without any claims to each other quite friendly. Considering that during a divorce in 8 minutes, Acun left his former wife 10 million Turkish liras, a restaurant and a monthly maintenance of 24 thousand dollars, as well as a house in Istanbul, he is unlikely to be seriously offended by the alleged “betrayal” of his spouse.

However, the paparazzi are confident that there is something suspicious in this story. Returning from Alican to Çağatay, they posted a photo of the actor and Şeyma Subaşı under the heading “a sensation, they are together today.” But the fact that they have known each other for ten years and that they share one common best friend in combination with the stylist of Çağatay Ilknur Şeref was not mentioned.

Şeyma Subaşı

Şeyma Subaşı

The young woman answered almost instantly, saying that Çağatay was her friend for many years, that everybody knows about their friendship and what the press is inventing is just disgusting.

Çağatay Ulusoy was also forced to break his silence and denied rumors around his name. The actor said that he is friends with his brother Aсun and Şeyma. All these ugly, indecent, unwarranted, meaningless gossips, which has been going on for several days, should finally stop. Note that this is the first intastory from Çağatay for the entire time of his presence on Instagram.

Çağatay Ulusoy

Çağatay Ulusoy

The press unanimously published the statements Çağatay and Şeyma, sighed in disappointment and … began to look for a new contender for the role of a boyfriend. This time a candidate was found in Dubai. His name is also Çağatay, he is a wealthy entrepreneur of Turkish origin who lives in the United Arab Emirates. And supposedly it was with him that Şeyma entertained herself in summer, which led to a divorce from her husband. Given that the young woman leads an active social life and has many friends, apparently, the search for “candidates” will continue. The main thing that the name and surname were appropriate. Alas, Turkish paparazzi will not give up so easily.

Acun Ilıcalı and Deren Talu

Acun Ilıcalı and Deren Talu

But this time the people they offended will make sure that these tabloids are punished. It seems that Defne Samyeli did not limit herself to threats against those who defamed her daughter’s name. Today, an official statement was issued by lawyer Deren Talu that they filed a lawsuit against Turkish bloggers and the press, spreading information about her allegedly adultery with Acun Ilıcalı. The question from the category of secular gossip is rapidly developing into a lawsuit.

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