Will Hercai series make a season finale or series finale?

The series of the ATV television channel and the small company Mia Yapim “Hercai” had the effect of a bombshell, becoming the new super hit of the Turkish television. Already in the third week of the broadcast, series was watched by 11 million viewers in the prime-time.

The repetitions ratings also stood out: each replay attracted 3-5 million viewers, that is also a record figure for Turkish television (before it, only the one series showed such figures – Sen Anlat Karadeniz).

The number of subscribers of the series on the YouTube channel is already 707 thousand, and the first episode of the series on YouTube was watched by 13 million viewers. The unknown actors Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü became stars, they are actively discussed in social networks, they give interviews to the largest glossy magazines in the country.

Given the huge success of the project, ATV decided to renew the show for the second season. The first season of will end on the 12th episode on May 31 on Friday. The second season starts on September 20, also on Friday. We can only guess what surprise the creators of the series will give to the audience in the season finale in order to keep the interest. It definitely won’t be boring.

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