Will Hercai and Babil be canceled?

Will Hercai and Babil be canceled?

Will Hercai and be canceled?

On Sunday, fans of the series The Choice / and Hercai survived a few unpleasant minutes after seeing the announcement of the cancellation of their favorite projects. But is it really? What do producers and channels say?

The new television season presented Turkish viewers with an unexpected surprise – at once two OGM Pictures series based on the books of psychologist Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, Apartment of the Innocents and the Red Room, broke into the top five in the rating table.

However, for other projects on Tuesday and Friday, the appearance of such powerful competitors was an almost fatal blow. The TV shows on Friday were particularly affected. Not surprisingly, the announcement of the cancellation of Can Yaman’s project, Mr Wrong, was immediately followed. It was the first casualty of the new leader, The Red Room.

But the unpleasant surprises for the fans did not end there. The Turkish press announced that a principled decision had been made to cancel two more Friday TV shows – The Choice / Babil and Hercai. The production company Ay Yapim, which creates The Choice / Babil, remains silent, without refuting this information. However, the producer of the series Hercai Banu Akdeniz was quick to declare that Hercai will definitely not make the final anytime soon, as they still have stories to tell. ATV channel supports the project. Hercai continues.

Should fans of both projects panic? After all, as we know, producers don’t always tell the truth. Most likely not, because the ATV TV channel is directly involved in the distribution of the Hercai series in the world and foreign sales are quite a convincing argument for continuing the show even with low ratings in Turkey. As for The Choice / Babil series, Ay Yapim company sold the series to a record number of countries during the pandemic and will probably be able to convince Star TV to continue broadcasting.

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