5 unexpected facts about Neslihan Atagül

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She is beautiful, young and popular. She is married to a wonderful man. Her every step is followed by fans. But perhaps even the most devoted fans do not all know about Neslihan Atagül. Here are five unexpected facts about the actress that you didn’t know.

gained fame after the release of the series Endless Love / Kara Sevda, that was especially popular with the female audience. This is understandable: the story of the tragic love of two beautiful people always resonates in women’s hearts. Her fans know her filmography as well as the facts that Neslihan began her career at a very young age, and she married the actor Kadir Dogulu. But is there anything we don’t know yet?

Fact 1

Neslihan and her husband devote their time to charity projects. They participate in the work of charitable foundations, and also plan to create their own foundation. The actress’s dream is to open an educational institution in which children who need special education would study.

Fact 2

Neslihan does not like makeup. She believes that each person is beautiful in his own way and you need to appreciate what the Almighty has given you. Of course, makeup is necessary when she works, but in everyday life Neslihan does not put on makeup and often publishes her photos without makeup on Instagram.

Fact 3

Neslihan does not really like gym exercises. She prefers fresh air, basketball, swimming and horseback riding. With the help of these simple means, as well as good genetics, she manages to maintain an excellent shape.

Fact 4

Neslihan and Kadir are big nature enthusiasts. They prefer to spend their holidays in a caravan, spend the night in a tent and relax in the forest with their dogs. The couple is not limited in means, however, prefers a simple vacation like all normal people.

Fact 5

Neslihan does not really like social life. She is not a frequent visitor at noisy parties, and she avoids clubs. Loneliness does not bother her at all, on the contrary, the time she spent alone with herself is the most valuable.

True, in the coming months, Neslihan will not be up to rest. As you know, she became the leading lady of the new series “Ambassador’s Daughter”, where Engin Akyürek will be her partner. But the actress did not give up her habits, having rented a house in Mugla, where the shooting will take place. The producers of the series offered her a hotel room, but she preferred the house.  It will become a refuge for Neslihan, where her husband Kadir Dogulu, busy on the set of the series Reunion / Vuslat, can visit her.

Will the new series of the star become popular? Will she get new fans? We cannot know about this in advance. However, we know for sure that will not change her habits, remaining a cheerful, and sweet woman. So we wish her good luck in her new endeavor.

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