Hazal Kaya’s new movie

Hazal Kaya's new movie

Hazal Kaya’s new movie

Fans of the talent of Hazal Kaya were impatiently awaiting her return to the screens and finally received good news. The actress returns in a new film produced by Medyapim, and filming will start next week!

The name of Hazal Kaya is closely related to Medyapim TV company and its producer Fatih Aksoy, with whom the actress has made two successful series – The girl named Feriha and Our Story. Not surprisingly, the actress decided to return to the set after a short hiatus connected with the birth of her son, Fikret Ali Atay, exactly with this company.

According to the official communiqué of Medyapim, the filming of the new film “What I can do” / Benden Ne Olur, which is an adaptation of Asli T. Kizmaz’s book of the same title, starring Hazal Kaya, begins very soon. Hazal’s friends and colleagues congratulated her on starting work on a new film. Among them are Çağatay Ulusoy, Burak Deniz, Reha Ozcan, Biran Damla Yilmaz, Sahra Sas and others. It’s a fun, ironic story about a woman who’s trying to combine work and family, fulfilling her dreams and sharing her thoughts about those who have achieved something in this life.

The actress shared a photo with the author of the book, admitting that when she read the story, she really wanted to play a heroine, whose name is Sertab. However, then she became pregnant and since the film was already in production, she considered that the role would go to another actress. But as a result, the film was postponed and finally everything coincided and the role of Sertab finally got to Hazal, and she is very glad about it. We recall that it was previously reported that Hazal would not only play the lead role in the film, but would also be a screenwriter.

Whether the movie will be released in theaters or is it intended for digital platforms is not yet known. Recall that the epidemiological situation in Turkey remains quite complicated, and when the cinemas open it is not known.

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