Onur Tuna spoke about the height difference with Hazal Kaya

"What Can I Do?" / Benden Ne Olur?

“What Can I Do?” / Benden Ne Olur?

Hazal Kaya returns to the screens in a new film. What does her co-star Onur Tuna think about the height difference between them? When will the shooting start and who else will be in the cast of the movie?

Next week Medyapim company will start filming a new movie “What Can I Do?” / Benden Ne Olur? based on the novel by the famous writer Asli Kizmaz. The main role in the project will be played by Hazal Kaya. He co-star is Onur Tuna. Nur Fettahoglu, Selin Şekerci, Enis Arikan, Cem Belevi and Elçin Afacan are also in the cast of the movie.

In his latest interview with Hürriyet magazine, Onur Tuna said he was looking forward to working with Hazal. This is a very beautifully written work based on the book by Asli Kizmaz. Working with Hazal is very valuable. It’s nice to play with someone you believe in acting. A very strong energy appears.

Of course, the journalist did not fail to ask about the big difference in height between partners, to which Onur replied philosophically: “In the series Forbidden Fruit, I worked with Sevda Erginci, and we also had a significant difference in height. However, the audience believed in our couple. The main thing is to give yourself to a role, work hard until we get the best result. And the rest are purely technical details that will be taken care of by professionals. When we combine our energy with Hazal, I think people will believe us.”

Turkey’s cinemas have been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic, but the owners of the movie theaters are hoping new films that are being prepared right now will help them win back viewers. They have special hopes for the film “What can I do?”. Whether they will come true – the time will tell.

Umut Evirgen seems to have turned the page of old love and plunged himself into a new relationship. The businessman has started dating Melissa Şenolsun, who is currently in the series Atiye / The Gift starring Beren Saat. The lovers did not hide their relationship by appearing in front of the TV cameras, they didn’t reveal the details of the affair promising to talk with press later. However, journalists were politely thanked for their congratulations.

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