Coronavirus on the set of the series Knock on My Door

Knock on My Door

Knock on My Door

Coronavirus continues to be a determining factor, with some rather sensitive strikes against Turkish television crews currently filming. As it became known, this time its victim was the crew of the series “Knock on my door”.

The team of the series Knock on My Door / Sen Çal Kapımı experienced several unpleasant minutes when Elçin Afacan tested positive for coronavirus. After the tests, it turned out that no one else from the film crew was infected and the work continued as usual. Elçin  temporarily left the shooting and is undergoing treatment.

Recall that the actress also worked on the set of the film What Can I Do / Benden ne olur, starring Hazal Kaya and Onur Tuna. However, tests are carried out every day and it looks like she got infected just the other day. Filming was completed a week ago. As a precaution, additional tests will be conducted on the set of The Miraculous Doctor and Love in the attic.

Unlike the spring of this year, when the filming of the series was interrupted at the slightest suspicion of coronavirus, the producers intend to continue this television season at all costs. And they are supported by the filmmakers who need to feed their families despite the threat. Filming continues despite everything!


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