The head of RTÜK spoke about the relationship with Netflix

The head of RTÜK, Ebubekir Şahin, said in his last interview that contrary to popular belief about the conflict between his organization and the digital platform, there is nothing like that. The relationship is good, the recommendations of the government agency are perceived positively by the Netflix management. After all, this is a commercial organization that does not want to be in conflict with the state.

He disagrees with the claim that RTÜK is censoring. Censorship is the review of content prior to publication. This is not the case. RTÜK asks Netflix to comply with the rules. They will also build relationships with other international platforms. Usually, requests are received with understanding. For example, the state censor asked the platform management to apply a special pin code that would activate “adult content” and this was done. Sanctions are applied only as a last resort, when there is a conflict of points of view on a particular product. For example, the film “Cuties” was removed from the screening in Turkey, because it clearly contradicted the moral values ​​of Turkish society.

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