The series The Pit / Çukur was sued

The Pit / Çukur

The Pit /

Retired policeman Selçuk Olcay filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, demanding to open a criminal case against the creators of the TV series The Pit / Çukur.

The ex-policeman finds the show corrupting youth, encouraging drug use and disrespecting Turkish justice. Although the TV show is far from reality, it still damages government agencies and public safety, says Mr. Olcay. He was especially outraged by the humiliation of the Turkish police and his former colleagues.

A petition to initiate a criminal case was filed against the TV channel and the management of Ay Yapim. It demands to punish those responsible from 5 to 12 years for crimes of the following nature: “promoting the use of drugs or stimulants” and “humiliation of the Turkish nation, the Turkish Republic, institutions and bodies of the state.”

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