Nihal Yalçin vs. Öykü Karayel

Ethos / Bir Başkadır

Ethos / Bir Başkadır

Turkish show business is full not only of talented people, but also of those who cannot accept the success of others. We have seen this again since the release of the Netflix series  Ethos / Bir Başkadır, which made a strong impression on the Turkish viewer.

The series Ethos / Bir Başkadır causes a lot of delight among Turkish Netflix subscribers and got into the top ten popular projects in some countries. This is not a huge success, but it is a very good result, given that the project is niche and not intended for the general public. Audiences particularly appreciate the performance of Öykü Karayel.

Of course, there were also envious people. The actress of supporting roles Nihal Yalçin  wrote that all these delights were exaggerated. Since when did viewers suddenly become critics. Suddenly, they became all the specialists in acting that even the stomach hurts. In such matters, the audience is simply ignorant. Don’t show it so clearly.

Note that Turkish TV shows are intended for viewers and it is they who evaluate the quality of the product with their views and reactions on social networks. This is not a high art, inaccessible to the masses. Not surprisingly, the fans ridiculed the starlet, stating the obvious thing: she’s just jealous of someone else’s success.

In fact, they quickly discovered the real reason for her anger. As it turned out, the girl was in the original cast of the series, but after Netflix acquired the rights to the project, the cast was changed, and she was said goodbye. Hence, not particularly hidden resentment and envy, because the series turned out to be very successful. Alas, you have to be able to lose, not everyone can. Nihal did not succeed.


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