When does Yeşilçam premiere



Filming for the series Yeşilçam will begin in two months. The series will air on Blu TV in May. Starring – Çağatay Ulusoy and Afra Saraçoğlu. Producer of ES Film Yusuf Esenkal followed Çağatay on Twitter.

Note that for Çağatay, the Yeşilçam series will be quite an interesting experience, because in his next series for the Amazon Prime digital platform, the Museum of Innocence, he will act as a co-producer. Events in the Museum will develop in the same place as Yeşilçam, but 10 years after the events described. It will turn out to be a kind of roll-over of two TV series and two eras.

As we can see, the information that Çağatay allegedly had a fight with the producers of the series Barbaros and therefore left the project was not confirmed – he works with the same producers in another TV show, which seemed more promising to him.

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