The series The Ring / Halka returns with season 2

The premiere of the series "Halka"

The premiere of the series “

Good news for fans of the series The Ring / Halka. The producer of the project, Yusuf Esenkal, kept his promise and in 2021 we will see the second season of the TV show!

The ES Film and state-run television channel TRT1 series “The Ring” / Halka was completed in the first season. Low ratings played an important role in the decision to cancel the project. The show clearly did not please the conservative viewer of the state television channel.  However, it was highly appreciated by Internet users, noting the very high-quality and unusual script and the excellent work of the actors.

Producer Yusuf Esenkal promised that the series will continue in 2020, but was unable to keep the promise. And this is quite understandable, this year turned out to be problematic for the whole show business. But fans of the project should not be discouraged. As the producer said, he did not forget his promise and has already taken the first step, which will give the fans of the series a surprise in 2021. Dreams come true!

It is not entirely clear whether the series will return with the same cast, because all the actors are already engaged in other projects. Most likely, the new season of the series “The Ring” will be released on one of the digital platforms, but so far no other details of the promised surprise have been reported to us.

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