Is Melis Sezen leaving the series Unfaithful / Sadakatsiz?

Melis Sezen

Melis Sezen

Information that Melis Sezen may soon leave the cast of the series Unfaithful / Sadakatsiz appeared in the Turkish press. Is it true?

The Posta publication reports that Kate’s character is killed in the original script of the English series Dr. Foster. If the creators of the series Unfaithful / Sadakatsiz that is the remake of the famous English TV show continue to follow the original plot, then the Turkish Kate, that is, Derin, performed by Melis Sezen, will have to leave the series after three episodes.

The press also reported that the leading actress of the show Cansu Dere  may already have agreements to work on digital platforms (which is not excluded, given her status and immense popularity abroad), that’s why the series will end this season, despite the high ratings. This means that the main plot will not be changed.

Note that the Posta publication did not watch the original English series and does not even know that Kate’s character does not die. It looks like this is just another PR that has nothing to do with reality.

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