Ecuador’s national edition El Universo recommends the film Paper Lives

El Universo recommends the film Paper Lives

El Universo recommends the film

The largest national newspaper in Ecuador, El Universo, is trying to unravel the success of the film Paper Lives / Kagittan Hayatlar, which has successfully entered the top of the most watched films in this country and advises not to miss the Turkish novelty.

First, it is actual. The topic of homeless children, of garbage collectors and poverty is especially prominent in Latin America, so that the plot will be close and understandable. However, the main theme of the film is abandoned children. How the psyche of a child who has been abandoned, who has to grow up on the street, is changing. This is the story of our connection to childhood trauma.

What is the bond between an abandoned child and a lonely man? reveal children’s wounds that do not heal, but the director does not miss moments of joy, not leaving aside feelings. Sometimes it’s touching, tender, sweet, innocent, and sometimes it’s hard, because everything comes to an unexpected ending. This is the story of the ghosts of the past who haunt the protagonist Mehmet like the photograph he holds onto more than anything else. This is the only memory of childhood that he does not remember.

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