Afra Saraçoğlu chose an unexpected project

Afra Saraçoğlu is one of the brightest stars of the younger generation. After the success of the series Yeşilçam, fans of the actress wondered which project she would choose? The choice of the young star surprised many.

According to the journalist of Hurriyet publication Mehmet Üstündağ, Afra Saraçoğlu received 7 offers from the largest production companies, including BKM, Ay Yapim, Gold Film and O3 Medya, but chose to refuse to work in the series. Among the proposals that the rising star received were work in the series 3 cents, Outsider, Awakening, Legend, Lawless Lands and the film 10 Days of a Good Man.

Despite the very large sums that she was offered for the main roles in the new season, the actress decided to play in a new performance on the stage of DasDas. Before becoming the star of the series, Afra, who last appeared in the successful project of the digital platform Blu TV Yesilçam, wants to prove her professional maturity on stage in a play by Mert Firat.

Recall that another promising young star did the same. The reason why young actors choose theater not only for their love of the stage, but also for the correct calculation is that international digital platforms prefer to work with professionals and, after successful work on theatrical stage get a leading role in a serious multi-budget project of Netflix, Amazon, Disney or HBO will be much easier. In addition, the ratings of the last summer were very disappointing to professionals, and many decided to take a break and see how the situation will develop in the main television season.

It seems that the career strategy of Turkish managers now takes into account the requirements of the Western market, as well as the adjustment of the tendencies of Turkish TV in recent seasons.

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