Hatice Şendil: ‘We did not quarrel with Fahriye Evcen’

gave a short interview to Turkish journalists who asked her what she thought about Elçin Sangu’s words that some people should be removed from the sector, she didn’t understand why they earn such money.

Hatice replied that apparently Elçin meant her own experience, so she could not comment on it. Working conditions in the sector are, of course, difficult. Sometimes feelings will prevail over reason, but you need to be able to suppress your emotions if you are a professional. In this profession, it is important to respect colleagues, not love them. You must respect those with whom you work. Hatice personally did not have such a negative experience and such feelings.

The actress also denied reports that she allegedly once quarreled with Fahriye Evcen. On the contrary, Fahriye is her friend, they know each other. There were never any quarrels. Oh, those small tabloids, they just won’t write.

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