New series of Kaan Yıldırım

Kaan Yıldırım

Kaan Yıldırım

Great news for fans of Kaan Yıldırım! The actor returns to the screens in two projects, which will make a great impression on the Turkish audience. What do we know about the star’s new work right now?

The series “Mevlana” is one of the most anticipated and most promising TV shows in Turkey. The shooting of the project in Konya has been going on for almost a year, under the guidance of one of the best directors in Turkey, Can Ulkay. On October 1, it will be presented on the new international digital platform TRT Dijital, which will be launched in Turkey with state support.

One of the main roles in the project is played by Kaan Yıldırım. Devrim Ozkan is his co-star in the series. As it became known, in the coming days, the shooting of “Mevlana” will finally be completed. The actors are already considering incoming job offers for the new season. According to well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas, Kaan signed an agreement to work in the TV series “Madam Judge / Hakime Hanım” starring Vahide Perçin. He will become a co-star of Feyza Sevil Gungor, who will play the role of the daughter of the main character.

It seems that in the coming year we will hear more than once about the actor who can finally break out of the shadow of the more popular stars of the Turkish screen and shine on his own. Whether he succeeds, we will find out next year.

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