Turkish Digital TV shows in IMDB on May 16, 2022

Ersan Kuneri

Ersan Kuneri

This week, the position of Turkish digital projects in the international movie database IMDB was determined by the release of the new Turkish Netflix series “Ersan Kuneri”. True, it did not arouse much enthusiasm among the world audience, and the start in IMDB turned out to be rather modest (only the TV series “Wild Abandon” started worse). However, given the specifics of the genre, which is not in demand outside of Turkey, these figures can be considered quite acceptable. A slight increase is possible next week.

The series “Yakamoz S-245” is gradually losing its positions, however, this is happening rather slowly, while the series starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is still of interest to foreign viewers, as well as another novelty of this spring “Midnight at the Pera Palace”. The most persistent Turkish show is still the series “The Protector”, which holds its position in the top3, despite all the newcomers, striking with longevity.

Curiously, for the first time, the Disney Plus series “Escape” starring Engin Akyürek also appeared on the list. Recall that the platform will open in Turkey and present the project to the world audience on June 14.

Positions in IMDB for digital projects this week were distributed as follows:

✨ Ersan Kuneri – 250⬆
📍Yakamoz S-245 – 466⬇
📍The Protector – 1593⬇
📍Midnight at the Pera Palace – 1883⬇
📍Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 2134⬆
📍Wild Abandon – 2649⬇
📍The Gift – 2848⬇
📍Love 101 — 3156⬇
📍The Club — 3234⬆
📍Ethos — 3969⬇
📍Escape – 4345⬆

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