Burak Deniz made a scandal with Nilperi Şahinkaya

Burak Deniz

Burak Deniz

The unpleasant news for fans of Burak Deniz. The actor made an ugly scandal in a chic hotel in Adana, where he stayed during the filming of the Şahmeran series. What happened?

The well known journalist Birsen Altuntas released sensational news that Burak Deniz, being in a state of extreme intoxication, made a scandal in the restaurant of the luxury Sheraton hotel in Adana, where he was staying. Recall that the actor is filming in the second season of the Netflix series Şahmeran, which is shot in Adana.

As it turned out, Burak returned to the hotel late in the evening and sat down at a table where and her boyfriend Emre Yusufi, who had arrived in Adana for the Golden Cocoon festival, were having dinner. Nilperi and Burak did not know each other before, so it is not entirely clear why he decided to talk to the actress. It is only clear that the conversation did not work out, the young woman was offended, tried to leave and received a stream of abuse addressed to her. Her boyfriend intervened, a verbal argument ensued, which could well have ended in a fight. Burak was clearly looking for a scandal, screaming, “Are you going to hit me? Hit me!”

Fortunately, there were friends nearby who calmed the tipsy brawler and took him out of the restaurant. Emre Yusufi requested hotel security footage from the surveillance cameras. Later, information appeared that filed an application with the prosecutor’s office against Burak Deniz.

Burak Deniz’s agency published an official apology from the actor. He regrets the scandal, but notes that the press reports regarding the dirty insults he has made to Nilperi are untrue. In turn, Nilperi’s boyfriend Emre Yusufi insists that Burak was very drunk, approached their table four times, cursing dirty, and when they decided to leave, got into a fight.

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