Rating for Friday, August 11, 2023

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Kısmet / Fate” lost 0.42% in total and 0.17% in AB. However, this no longer matters as the show of Fox TV channel is making its final on the next episode, becoming another disappointment of this summer.

The series “Hayatımın Neşesi / Joy of My Life” lost 0.21% in total and 0.26% in AB. The show isn’t pleasing with its ratings, but considering that it’s being broadcast on the state channel, the series will still remain on air for a while in the fall. However, even the state channel won’t tolerate a decrease in audience for long, and most likely, within a month or two, we will receive information about the finale.

2. Hayatımın Neşesi – 2.02%⬇
4. Kısmet – 1.96%⬇

2. Hayatımın Neşesi – 2.47%⬇
4. Kısmet – 1.63%⬇