Rating for Thursday, October 12, 2023

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Aldatmak” grew by 0.23% in total, but lost 0.64% in AB. Producer Timur Savсi’s show remains one of the most stable series on Turkish television, although it does not show outstanding results. However, advertisers value stability even more than large jumps in ratings, so this series will stay on the air for the entire season.

The series “Hudutsuz Sevda” grew by 0.42% in total and 0.37% in AB. Despite a very weak start, the show appealed to the average viewer, clearly showing positive dynamics in total. However, AB ratings are more restrained towards the series, but there are still improvements in this category. This means that the series can potentially stay on air for a long time.

The series “Dilek Taşı” grew by 0.09% in total but lost 0.20% in AB. The growth in total is too insignificant, and the situation in AB does not add optimism. It seems that the series is on the verge of closure. However, there are not many new shows on Channel D, so fans don’t have to worry for now.

2. Hudutsuz Sevda – 4.68%⬆
3. Aldatmak – 4.50%⬆
11. Dilek Taşı – 2.80%⬆

4. Aldatmak – 3.21%⬇
6. Hudutsuz Sevda – 2.85%⬆
7. Dilek Taşı – 2.69%⬇