Burak Deniz has been acquitted in the case involving Nilperi Şahinkaya

Burak Deniz

Burak Deniz

Great news for fans of Burak Deniz! The renowned Turkish actor has been completely acquitted of the charges brought against him by his colleague Nilperi Şahinkaya.

As reported by the well-known journalist Birsen Altuntaş, Burak Deniz has been cleared of allegations of assault, threats, and insults against Nilperi Şahinkaya and her partner Emre Yusufi. The decision was made regarding a case initiated last year during the Adana Film Festival. Burak Deniz, who was in Adana for the filming of the second season of the series “Şahmaran,” had a conflict with Nilperi and her boyfriend, leading to a legal dispute.

According to the court’s decision, the charges against Burak Deniz were dismissed because the act did not constitute a criminal offense. The judges found no evidence supporting the guilt of the accused. The decision emphasizes that in case of an appeal, a new hearing will be scheduled. It seems that this story has concluded favorably for the actor, who continues his successful career on Turkish television. It’s unlikely that Nilperi will appeal the case.

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