Selin Yeninci at the Turkish Drama Gala in Miami

Selin Yeninci

Selin Yeninci

Turkish actress Selin Yeninci was a guest at the Turkish Drama Gala, organized in celebration of the anniversary of the beginning of Turkish series sales in Latin America. In recent years, Selin, who gained significant recognition for her role as Sanem in the series “Bitter Lands,” has become one of the sought-after names in the world of television and cinema.

The actress, who has received multiple awards, presented her production company, SY Production, at various national and international fairs and events aimed at promoting new projects.

The Turkish Drama Gala, held at the Miami Downtown Hilton hotel, attracted attention with its musical program prepared by Universal Cinergia Dubbing and hosted by Lourdes Stephen from Al Rojo Vivo. The event took place at the iconic Temple House in Miami Beach.

The gathering brought together industry representatives from Latin America and Turkey, including publishers, distributors, channels, producers, writers, actors, as well as press leaders.