Birce Akalay was offered the lead role in the series “Black Mulberry”

Birce Akalay

Birce Akalay

Great news for fans of Birce Akalay. The well-known producer Timur Savci may bring the actress back to the big screen in the upcoming season.

The company Tims&B revealed the first details of their new show, which will be broadcast in the 2024-2025 season on ATV channel. The working title of the series is “Black Mulberry” (Kara Dut).

The main role was offered to Birce Akalay. It is possible that she will portray Zuhal Erdem, an accomplished personal growth specialist whose books are in high demand across the nation.

The series is directed by Murat Saraçoglu, known for such series as “Karagül”, “Mrs. Fazilet and her daughters”, “Bitter Lands” and “Betrayal”.

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