Could there be a second season of the series Içerde?



’s Internet platform decided not to limit itself to orders for new projects, but also to resume production of old TV shows that were popular in Turkey.  Currently, Netflix is negotiating the redemption of rights to produce the popular series Behzat. Many fandoms have already been aroused and are preparing for the “bombing” of Netflix with requests to resume the broadcasting of one or another favorite project. However, the selection criteria of what the platform buys are rather strange and are not always clear to the simple Turkish viewer.

Already, many journalists have started talking about the fact that the most promising series for the next season is the super hit “Içerde”, that was closed at the peak of its popularity. Netflix is already cooperating with the main star of the series , besides the platform works with the company that produced Içerde – Ay Yapim.  can also take part in the project, as he still cooperates with Ay Yapim. Will the second season of the most popular project be on Netflix? We can only wait for the decision of the company.

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