Hazar Ergüçlü spoke about marriage with Onur Unlu

Hazar Ergüçlü

Hazar Ergüçlü

The SİYAD scriptwriters association recognized Hazar Ergüçlü as the best actress of 2018. This award is a young star received for the film “Snow”.  When the journalists asked whether she was going to marry her sweetheart Onur Unlu, the girl replied that the marriage was not yet in their plans. This is important, but so far there has been no talk about this.

Also, journalists asked whether the age difference affects the relationship, to which Hazar replied: “This is my life and my relationship. Everywhere they talk about my unusual relationships, but I do not think that they are as unusual as they are trying to show.”

We remind you that the director Onur Unlu is 19 years older than his beloved.

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