Karga 7 is preparing a remake of House MD

Karga 7 Pictures


The company Karga 7 finally abandoned the idea of a remake of the Suits series, that should be released in September. They concentrate all their energies on the production of a remake of the famous House Md.  The directors of the new series are the creators of the Magnificent Century and Wounded Love Taylan brothers. Recall that initially it was assumed that they will be engaged in directing the series of Karga 7 and Netflix “The Ottoman Rising“, but apparently Karga 7 transferred them to a more promising project.

Alas, ’s management did not give much attention to the docudrama. In the recent interviews of Netflix’s chief PR manager for Turkey, Middle East, and Africa Artanç Savas, the project was not mentioned at all. There were no statements about the beginning of work on the series in prestigious editions as it was done with the second Netflix series for the Turkish market “The Gift / Atiye” starring Beren Saat. Apparently, therefore, Karga 7 also decided to use its best forces in a more promising project.

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