Özcan Deniz’s wife claims 15 million in 15 months of marriage

Özcan Deniz and Feyza Aktan

and Feyza Aktan

According to Turkish media reports, the marriage of Özcan Deniz and Feyza Aktan is falling apart. Ozcan himself is adding more fuel to the fire. On Father’s Day he made a strange statement that on that day he was separated from his son.

True, users of social networks thought that it was a worker’s duties as an actor, but journalists were sure of the opposite. In social media, there was even a photograph of the judicial statement of the wife of the actor who filed for divorce. However, right after it, Feyza posted a photo with the declaration of love to her husband on Instagram, thus hinting that there was no divorce.

However, according to the Aksam edition, the divorce process is already underway. Moreover, the war for the only son of the couple Kuzey is serious. Özcan wants to get custody of the child, claiming that his spouse did not fulfill her maternal duties. However, Feyza who allegedly found her spouse’s correspondence with another woman accuses Özcan Deniz of adultery and demands 15 million lira in compensation for 15 months of marriage, as well as maintenance for herself and her son. Due to the fact that a child was involved in a lawsuit, the court prohibited the disclosure of any information about the details of the divorce.

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