Can Yaman and Turkish press: fake popularity?

He was greeted in Italy as a real king. However, the Turks reacted to the fame of Can Yaman outside the homeland with skepticism. Why?

Takvim columnist Ufuk Ozcan stated that the whole story of the incredibly popular Can Yaman in Italy was just PR. We remind you that a couple of weeks ago during the actor’s visit in Italy, a huge crowd of fans came to his hotel, demonstrating how much the Italians love the Turkish actor.

However, according to Mr. Ufuk, who spoke with a well-known PR manager, now this is not difficult to organize. First, the agency creates a backbone of 50 people who receive a reward for their work. Then they spread the message among the fans of the actor, which, of course, exist in the country where the Turkish series are shown. The rewarded participants begin to make noise attracting the attention of onlookers and creating a crowd of several hundred people.

Recall that recently in one of the polls on the well-known international website Can Yaman was named the best actor in the world. However, Mr. Ufuk (as well as many compatriots of the actor) strongly doubts the objectivity of this poll saying that Can still has a lot to do to really prove his popularity without resorting to such tricks. In the meantime, his popularity is based on romantic comedies and a good manager and is unlikely to last long.

What do you think? Are the Turkish tabloids right when they are so dismissive of the successes of their compatriot abroad? Is the popularity of Can Yaman real and will it not end in a couple of months?

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