The big crisis in the TV series King / Kral!

the TV series King / Kral

the TV series King / Kral

Big shock for and Pinar Deniz! Filming of the series King / Kral was postponed. The script is written again. Will the actors be able to continue work on the project?

For a long time the famous actor, director and producer Ozcan Deniz  was developing a new project for the ATV channel King / Kral. The plot is based on the real story of his own uncle, that happened in the 70s of the last century. Burak Deniz and Pinar Deniz should star in the show. Ozcan himself was to play the role of the elder brother of the main character Kadir, who came to Istanbul from the province and created his own criminal empire. It was assumed that the shooting will begin at the end of January. Decorations in the style of the 70s were built.

However, alas, this did not happen. The management of the ATV channel, together with the producer Ozcan Deniz, once again carefully studied the budget and the estimated ratings of the new series, and decided to stop shooting. Alas, the cost of production was higher than the estimated profit. The channel is not sure of success and does not want to be in a situation where the series will have to be canceled on the 6th episode.

A radical decision was made to completely rewrite the script. The plot will be transferred in our time. The story will be changed, so the producers have to say goodbye to the cast, that has already begun work. It remains to be seen whether Burak Deniz and Pinar Deniz will remain in the series. Recall that this is the second time that both Burak and Pinar experience such situation. Burak’s previous show was canceled before shooting, and Pinar was left without work after the cancellation of the series Alien. Alas, the story seems to be repeating itself. We only hope that this time the actors will be able to continue working on the project.

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