The series of Can Yaman was canceled!

Fans of Can Yaman were looking forward to his new series Life Duty / Can Borcum, that was to become a new step in the career of the star. However, the producer disappointed them. What happened?

On January 25, Can Yaman completed his military service and returned from the army. Many fans of the star of the TV series Enkençi Kus / The Daydreamer eagerly awaited this moment, hoping to find out about the plans of the actor this year. However, brutal disappointment awaited them. The producer of Gold Film company Faruk Turgut has announced that he is preparing a new romantic comedy that will be released this summer. The author of the script Asli Zengin is well known to fans of the series The Strawberry Smell, Number 309 and the Daydreamer.  However, to the direct question of what will happen to the series Life Duty that  he prepared for Can Yaman, the producer answered shortly: “The series has been canceled.”

Turkish media immediately linked the cancellation of the project with the that happened with Can Yaman at the end of last year. They claim that the decision to cancel the series was made immediately after the unpleasant story with “libido”, but the producer did not shock the audience at that time, saying that he simply postpones the shooting to September. However, as it turned out, there will be no filming at all. Fans can only hope that Faruk Turgut has not abandoned the idea of ​​working with Can Yaman and will invite him to a new romantic comedy that he is preparing.

In the meantime, according to unconfirmed information from the Italian press, the actor goes to Italy, where he will take part in the 15th issue of the program Celebrity Island / L’isola dei famosi. The format of the show is quite simple: several very famous people land on a desert island where they are trying to survive. Each week, according to the results of voting, one of the participants leaves the show. It’s not yet clear whether Can will be the host of the program or one of the participants.

Can Yaman’s career in Turkey is still hanging in the balance. It is not entirely clear whether he will be able to continue working in Turkish TV shows or whether the producers would prefer not to take a risk. Will he be able to continue his career abroad? We will follow the development of this difficult situation.

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