Can Yaman vs. Demet Ozdemir: the battle of fans

Can Yaman vs. Demet Ozdemir: the battle of fans

vs. Demet Ozdemir: the battle of fans

Can Yaman fans versus Demet Özdemir fans! An Italian TV show about the series The Daydreamer / Erkenci Kuş caused an unexpected clash between admirers of romantic comedy. What happened?

In her latest TV program dedicated to the success of the Turkish series The Daydreamer / Erkenci Kuş in Italy Italian TV presenter Barbara D’Urso for a long time and with admiration discussed the star of the show Can Yaman. The presenter tastefully showed photographs of the actor with whom she had met in person, preferring pictures showing his torso. It should be noted that Can himself had previously pointed out that such pictures embarrass him, and he does not like to be shown in this way.

Demet Özdemir’s Italian fans were greatly outraged by the fact that Mrs. Barbara had practically forgotten about the actress, although she talked about the success of the series, in which Can and Demet made a very harmonious couple. After all, the fans couldn’t stand and decided to make flash mob on Twitter with the hashtag “Italy Supports Demet”. Note that Demet Ozdemir’s fans in Italy are no less than Can’s, so the reaction to the program was so stormy.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Can Yaman may come to Italy again as a guest star of two well-known Mediaset programs. It is not yet known whether will come to Italy too. Recall that the actress is currently filming the popular TV series My home My destiny and cannot leave the shooting.


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