Can Yaman: disappointment in Spain

Spain ratings

Spain ratings

Despite the loud statements of that his shows are on the top of the ratings in Spain, the ratings have once again proved that this is far from the case. On February 14, a new series starring Can Love in spite / Inadina Ask was launched on Divinity TV channel. But the Spanish audience received the show rather chilly. 1001 nights / Binbir Gece remains at the top among Turkish TV shows on weekdays. On weekends, the series intercepts the lead. The ratings were as follows:

  • 1,001 nights: 411,000 2.7%
  • Elif: 388.000 3.5%
  • Mrs. Fazilet and her daughters: 316,000 2.4%
  • Love for rent: 279,000 1.9%
  • Do not let go of my hand: 254.000 2.7%
  • Love in spite: 216,000 1.4%
  • Love does not understand words: 212.000 1.8%
  • Cherry season: 205,000 2.1%

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