Hande Erçel will be back in two shows at once

Hande Erçel and Ali Atay

Hande Erçel and Ali Atay

Fans of Hande Erçel can rejoice. Their favorite actress returns, and not with one, but with two series! How is that possible and who will be Hande’s co-star? We have some details of the star’s new work!

Hande Erçel who failed with the TV series Azize, is preparing to return to Turkish television with two projects at once. As it became known, she will star with Kerem Bursin in the summer series of MF Yapım company Knock on my door / Sen Çal Kapımı. Kerem will appear before the audience as the wealthy playboy, heir to the holding company, Serkan Bolat. Hande Erçel will become a university student who works in a flower shop. Their acquaintance will be the beginning of a great love. So we have a classic romantic comedy.

The actress will also become the star of the new Tims&B series for the Blu TV Internet platform Unfinished circle of love / Yarım Kalan Aşklar Dairesi. The protagonist of the project is Ali Atay. The screenwriters are Ethem Ozişik, Hakan Bonomo and Ercan Ugur. The director is Umur Turagay. It is assumed that the company MF Yapım will schedule the filming of the romantic comedy in accordance with the schedule of the Internet project.

Filming the series Unfinished Circle of Love was supposed to begin next week. Filming the series Knock on my door was scheduled to begin in April. However, both projects are currently postponed indefinitely because of recent events. We can only hope that the situation will normalize, and we will see our beloved actress in two different series.

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