TV series Yeşilçam: scriptwriter’s fantasy or reality?

Yeşilçam VS Barbaros

VS Barbaros

In the series Yeşilçam, the cunning producer Semih Ateş took money to create a large national film, but instead made a film about love, counting on the profit made to shoot a patriotic propaganda. Users of social networks immediately noticed that the situation was too reminiscent of the incomprehensible games around the series Barbarossa Brothers. They can not  start filming the TV show while the same ES Film company is cheerfully filming the series. And with the same actor (Çağatay Ulusoy) who left Barbaroslar. In the case of Barbaroslar, it was not about money, but about production facilities, which were quietly transferred to Yeşilçam. The moment when you don’t understand where fantasy is and where is reality.

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