When does the TV series The Prisoner start shooting?

The Prisoner / Mahkum

The Prisoner / Mahkum

The autumn TV season promises to be very rich. Remakes of foreign projects are especially popular with Turkish producers. With special curiosity, viewers are awaiting the adaptation of the Korean drama Innocent Defendant, which could become a big event on Turkish air.

MF Yapim has accelerated work on the TV series The Prisoner / Mahkum, starring Onur Tuna. Recall that the series is a Turkish adaptation of the famous Korean drama Innocent Defendant.

Work on the project was briefly stopped, as all efforts were put into the production of the TV series All About Marriage / Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey (a remake of the English TV series The Split). However, as soon as the latter reached the set, work on the Prisoner resumed.

The first scenes featuring of Onur Tuna, who will play the prosecutor Agit Bulut, will be filmed in prison. Onur Tuna, who was spotted by journalists in a traffic jam on the streets of Istanbul, confirmed that filming would start soon. He is happy to be back on set and is looking forward to getting started.

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