Terrible news for the Hande Erçel family

The host of the program “I can’t help but say / Söylemezsem Olmaz” Arto said that the niece of Mavi, who is only 2.5 years old, is being treated for cancer. The news is really heartbreaking, and he did not want to share it for a long time. Back in March, the girl was admitted to the hospital due to bloating. After extensive examinations, she was diagnosed with a diagnosis that left the entire family horrified, especially since her grandmother was a victim of the same disease. Our prayers are with the baby and her family 🙏🏻.

P.S. The girl’s mother, Gamze Erçel, confirmed the news and said that the treatment had begun, and Mavi was feeling well. They did their best to keep it out of the tabloids, but alas, they couldn’t keep the information under control.

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