Aras Bulut İynemli will not star in TV series

The unexpected decision of one of the most beloved Turkish actors upset his fans. The superstar will be out of the TV shows for at least another year. What happened?

After the end of the Çukur series, Aras Bulut İynemli, rightly considered one of the best Turkish actors of the younger generation, signed a prestigious contract with the Disney Plus digital platform to work in the series “Atatürk” dedicated to the first president of Turkey. Aras has already collaborated with the producer of the show Lanistar Medya in the film “Miracle in the cell N 7”, as well as with the director of the project Mehmet Ada Oztekin, and the cooperation turned out to be extremely successful.

Filming of the first season of the series “Atatürk”, consisting of 6 episodes, ended last week. It will show the formation of the creator of the modern Turkish state from childhood to the beginning of the liberation struggle. Before filming began, Aras consulted a psychologist, took lessons in posture, speech, horseback riding, studied several languages to make his character appear on the screen as accurately as possible.

According to the well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas, given the importance of the role that he had to portray on the screen, Aras decided not to do other series until the show was released. That is, he will not be filmed for at least a year, since the series will be released on the screens on the centenary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey on October 29, 2023. Fans of the actor will have to be patient.

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