Birsen Altuntas was fired due to the news

Birsen Altuntaş

Birsen Altuntaş

Rumors of the dismissal of well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas have shaken the Turkish show business world. The alleged reason for her dismissal was the publication of a scandalous news article.

Mrs Altuntas was working as the chief editor for TV100, where she reported on numerous news stories from the world of Turkish serials and show business. However, the rumors about her dismissal emerged recently due to the publication of an article which was subsequently removed. This news sparked a wide response among Turkish viewers, and many of them turned to Birsen Altuntas with questions about whether she fears any negative consequences.

Mrs. Altuntas posted a message on Twitter confirming that she had indeed lost her job. She noted that while this news may seem important, it is more significant for all Turks to remain united, regardless of what is happening. She thanked everyone who expressed their support, noting that it is not necessary to draw attention to issues that can divide the country at this time.

It should be noted that despite the dismissal, Birsen Altuntas continues to work as a journalist, as she has her own website. Perhaps in the near future, she will also find a new job.