Özgü Namal and Özcan Deniz in a new TV series

Özgü Namal

Özgü Namal

Great news for Özgü Namal’s fans! The actress is returning to work in the new TV series “Red Buds,” where her partner will be Özcan Deniz. What do we know about the project right now?

According to journalist Sina Kologlu, many producers have been trying to persuade Özgü Namal to return to the set for many years. However, she preferred a peaceful life with her two children on her farm in Koycege. The unexpected departure of her husband and the pain she endured turned her life upside down. To enter the new life, she needed to make some changes, take a deep breath, and believe in herself.

After being away from the screens for 9 years, producer Faruk Turgut finally convinced the famous actress to come back. When the journalist tried to find out how he succeeded, he received the following answer: “I simply persuaded her. It was the right time and the right project. We have a long-lasting friendship.”

Rumors say that recently Özgü Namal has shown greater interest in work, which may have influenced her decision to accept the offer. Moreover, the actress has long wanted to work with the screenwriter Neсati Sahin. This was her condition for returning to work. Negotiations with Özgü took two years. Eventually, the character she will play intrigued her. The broadcasting rights for the TV series have been acquired by the Fox TV channel.

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