Içerde and Çukur make a breakthrough in Spain?

Içerde and Çukur

Içerde and Çukur

The journalist of the Milliyet newspaper Sina Koloğlu argues that serials of the “telenovela” type like “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?” or “Kara Sevda” are the real salvation for small Spanish TV channels that attract a female audience.  We remind you that right now the Spanish TV channels Nova and Divinity broadcast a number of projects from Turkish producers, however, these channels are not leading in Spain, with 2-3% of the audience.

For the largest Spanish TV channels, such series are not very interesting. They are thinking about buying action-style TV shows and the first ones on their list are Insider / Içerde and The Pit / Çukur. According to experts on the Spanish market, the time of “telenovelas” is running out, the time of “serials” begins

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