Did TV series The Immortals / Yaşamayanlar on Netflix fail?

One of the largest site, which is one of the main sources of information on streaming platforms, reporting on all new , Amazon, Hulu and other players of the new market, Decider gave an overview of the TV series The Immortals / Yaşamayanlar, released on March 8 on the platform.  The journalist stated that after the successful debut of Netflix with the TV series , that attracted a significant audience all over the world, he had pinned great hopes on the Immortals, expecting to see something similar again. However, the first episode was already gloomy and boring. And so gloomy that it was hardly possible to understand who was on the screen at all. The motives of the main characters are not clear, but the viewer doesn’t really care about them, because it is so boring. The journalist’s verdict is merciless: skip the series, it’s too boring, you won’t lose anything.

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