The first Turkish-Spanish series from TIMS&B

The first Turkish-Spanish series

The first Turkish-Spanish series

Turkish and Spanish actors in the same series? Is it fantasy? No, this is already a reality! TIMS & B Productions company known for such big hits as The Oath and Bitter Lands and one of Spain’s biggest TV companies Plano a Plano, have signed an agreement of partnership during the Cannes media content exhibition. The distributor of the shows will be Inter Medya. The dream of many fans about a joint Spanish-Turkish series is on the eve of realization!

Recall that the owner of the Turkish company Timur Savci is known primarily as the creator of the legendary series “The Magnificent Century”. And this time he took a big step: this partnership is not about a single show, but about the production and distribution of Turkish-Spanish TV shows in large scale.

The first series of the new joint venture will be the Turkish-Spanish project of 10 episodes, 60 minutes each. The genre is drama. According to Burak Sağyaşar who is the junior partner of Timur Savci it will be a series with “Turkish DNA”, which is supposed to be shot both in Turkey and in Spain. The show will consist of two seasons. The series is currently in pre-production stage. Filming is expected to begin in the first half of 2020. The production language has not yet been determined; management is inclined to shoot in several languages ​​at once.

Who will be invited to work in the new series? What stars of Turkey and Spain will viewers see? Timur Savci is used to working with the most famous actors. Surely he will involve in the work those of them whom the Spanish and world viewers know well. Alas, fans of Can Yaman should not dream of it yet: the actor is busy in the Gold Film company series. However, fans of other stars can hope that they will soon see their favorite actors in a joint project. We will inform you about the development of events.

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