Çağatay Ulusoy sells tea in the USA

Çağatay Ulusoy sells tea in the USA

Çağatay Ulusoy sells tea in the USA

The Turkish press is no less interested in his weight than in his future plans. Meanwhile, Çağatay Ulusoy was doing business in the USA. And quite successfully.

The Turkish press, that previously reported that Çağatay Ulusoy is going to sell Turkish-made goods to the United States, informs its readers about the details of the actor’s new business. As it turned out, Çağatay, along with his brother Atalay (he was educated in the UK in business management), supplies tea to the American market, which is produced in Rize (Black Sea region). Organic Teakina iced tea costs $36 (207 lira) per pack and is in great demand among American consumers. Çağatay also intends to expand his business by supplying Turkish coffee and Turkish delight.

Note that this time the Turkish press did not deceive. For a long time Çağatay has been cooperating with his friend Mali Simsek, who is the head of the company for the production of iced tea. This product is actively advertised by the manager of Çağatay Ulusoy Engin Aykanat, his PR manager Esra Gençkaya and even his stylist Ilknur Seref, so it seems that the actor’s business is developing quite successfully, as well as his film career.

However, he is not going to completely go into business, relying on his brother Atalay and his partner. The main work of Çağatay is still shooting in films and TV shows. But there is no clarity with them yet.

According to the presenters of the program Gel Konusalim, the shooting of the Çağatay’s film has not been canceled, but postponed until a suitable place for work is found. At the same time, the presenters continue to confuse Çağatay’s own project and his work in the film about Koca Yusuf, for some reason believing that it is one and the same. Alas, while his manager Engin Aykanat does not give any clarifications on this matter. Perhaps he is bound by a contract with Netflix, which will end on January 1 of next year, and then we will learn a little more about the upcoming plans of the star.

Also, journalists again discussed the weight of the actor. Judging by the latest photographs of Çağatay, he does not seem to have gained 30 kilograms, as previously reported. According to the presenter, one of the actor’s friends said that the famous photograph of the “fat actor” was a Photoshop, Çağatay put on 5-6 kilograms no more, so this is just a bad photo.

What are Çağatay’s plans for the coming year? Will he leave to do business in the USA or will he continue to work in Turkish cinema? Or will he continue to combine two completely different professions? We will find out soon.

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