Tuba Büyüküstün spoke about the new series

In a new interview, Tuba Büyüküstün talked a little about her character, Mara Hatun, who she played in the TV series . There is not much information about this woman, Tuba herself did not know anything about her, so this character was also a discovery for her. Regarding the criticism of the series she replied that she was calm about such things, the criticism was and will be. They did a great job.

Tuba was also asked about the great dissatisfaction on social networks, that comes from the fact that the actors in the show speak English. Tuba explained this by production necessity, since this project was not made by Turkey, but by Netflix USA, so the actors must speak English.

It remains only to wait for the release of the series on the platform and see in the credits who actually supervise the project. The actress, it seems, has little knowledge of the production of the show, since all Turkish series are not made by Netflix Turkey, but by the European division of Netflix, which is located in Amsterdam. Moreover, their chief PR manager Artanç Savas, has repeatedly stated that they are the ones who are preparing the TV series Rise of Empires: Ottoman. If, however, this is really an American division of Netflix, then it remains only to be upset by the lack of interest in its own product. The series trailer was never posted on the American Netflix account on YouTube, there was no outdoor advertising, the gala premiere was more than modest and took place in Turkey, and not in the United States, as fans hoped. We are waiting for the premiere of the series on January 24 at Netflix.

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