Successful premiere of the series Cherry Season / Amar Es Primavera in Spain

Cherry Season / Amar Es Primavera

Cherry Season / Amar Es Primavera

Spanish television channel Divinity announces the success of the series Amar Es Primavera / Kiraz Mevsimi, boasting impressive results – 12.7% and 1 million 424 thousand viewers.

However, as always, forgetting to clarify that the first episode was shown not only on Divinity, but also on the leading television channel of the Telecinco group. The premiere ratings are as follows:

Divinity: 233,000 viewers (2.1%) and 231,000 viewers (2.3%)
Telecinco: 1,191,000 viewers (10.6%)

In the future, the show will be broadcast only on the Divinity channel, so 233 thousand viewers look much more real.

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