Divine Order / Nizam-i-Alem – new historical series of TRT1 TV channel



Akli Film TV company and producer Emre Konuk continue preparations for the historical series Divine Order / Nizam-i-Alem, which is dedicated to the history of the state of the Great Seljuks.

Еhe struggle with the Nizari Ismaili state and its creator Hassan ibn Sabbah is at the center of history. He was the founder of the famous assassin sect, the deadliest formation of professional killers. Assassins are so impressed with the Western world that in English professional killers are still called assassin.

According to Birsen Altuntas, casting has already begun and a few unexpected names will be announced soon. She is especially interested in who will play the role of Malik-Shah – the Seljuk Sultan, son and successor of Alparslan, who became a victim of the Assassins. It seems that he will become the protagonist of this story.

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