Has Onur Tuna become a co-star of Hazal Kaya?

Hazal Kaya and Onur Tuna

Hazal Kaya and Onur Tuna

Filming for Hazal Kaya’s new movie will begin in the coming days. And the name of the alleged partner of the actress has already been mentioned. So who this time will play along with one of the brightest stars of the Turkish screen?

The producer of the Medyapim TV company  Fatih Aksoy and Hazal Kaya have continued their successful cooperation for 10 years. The actress starred in the series  “The girl named Feriha”, which still captivates foreign viewers, and just a year ago completed work on the new hit of Fatih Aksoy “Our Story”. After the success in Turkey, Our Story is successfully broadcast abroad. Today, Turkish media again report the achievement of the project: it has become the second most popular foreign TV series in Pakistan. And the Turkish project – the Resurrection Ertugrul – came first. The first episode of Our Story in Urdu was watched by  9 million viewers on YouTube.

It is not surprising that the audience awaits the new project of Fatih Aksoy and Hazal Kaya with great excitement. Moreover, this will be the return of Hazal to the screens after the birth of her son 8 months ago. This time, the producer and the actress joined forces to create the film What Can I Do / Benden Ne Olur, based on the popular novel by the famous writer Asli Kizmaz. It is curious that Hazal acts not only as a leading actress, but also as one of the script authors.

This is the story of a young, independent woman who is looking for her own path in life, making mistakes and falling, but rising again and again. Sertab Ball is not inclined to despondency and treats every situation with humor, making the audience laugh with her. As it became known, Onur Tuna is considered as a co-star of Hazal. The fact that Onur is starring in the MF Yapim series “The Miraculous Doctor” does not really matter as the producers for both projects are the same, so they can agree on dates.

So will Onur Tuna become Hazal Kaya’s co-star in the new movie or will the creators choose another candidate? We will find out about this in the very near future.

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